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Hello Baby & Kids * 6636 Hamilton Blvd Allentown PA * 610-351-0570

Baby Shark Drawing Water Playmat

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Dive down to the deepest parts of the ocean, but never get wet! That’s right—with the Baby Shark Water Drawing Mat, you can have all the fun with none of the mess! This one-of-a-kind water art activity kit comes with an extra-large water drawing mat you can reuse again and again. Simply lay the mat on any flat surface, grab some water, and start creating your underwater world with water-based materials! Fill the reusable brush and pens with water, color away on the mat to reveal surprise designs—or create your own—then watch them fade away and color again! Practice those FIN-tastic fine motor skills by using the fine-tip water pens to sketch inside the stencils, or use the stamps and roller to press & roll tons of jaw-some designs on the mat. Don’t worry about erasing the ink designs or scrubbing the mat to clean it—all of the materials included in this set are water-based and will magically disappear after a few minutes, so you can focus on creating, and not the clean-up! When you’re done, roll the mat up for easy and convenient storage! Perfect for any little shark ages 3 & up!

Baby Shark Water Drawing Mat, Mess-Free Water Coloring for Kids and Toddlers Ages 3+

  • Dive into 3 FIN-tastic mess-free water art activities with the Baby Shark Water Drawing Mat
  • This 40-inch water mat is the perfect size for tons of Baby Sharks to explore their creativity together
  • Use the refillable water brush and pens to color directly onto the mat and reveal hidden designs, or to create your own—no paints, no ink, just water
  • Decorate the mat with ABCs, shapes, and shark buddies with stencils and fine-tip water pens, or use the roller stamp and ink to create all kinds of patterns—all of the materials in this water art activity kit are reusable, so you can keep creating again and again
  • The Baby Shark Water Drawing Mat is a great way for your Baby Shark to explore their creativity, practice hand-eye coordination and dexterity, develop spatial awareness, and most of all, have fun
  • Set Includes: 1 Water Drawing Mat (40 in. x 31.49 in.), 2 Bold-Tip Water Pens, 2 Fine-Tip Water Pens, 1 Water Brush, 3 Stencils, 1 Ink Tray, 1 Roller Stamp, Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • Age Range: 3+